Work out your Salvation with Fear and Trembling

I was walking in a dark alley, so dark that I could not even see what’s ahead of me. Without any hesitation, I kept on walking. Then suddenly, red flashes of light came across in the sky. This time, it made me see a vague picture to what’s ahead of me – silhouette of houses and people. I know I was in a certain place but I could not make out where it was.

After a moment, the sky became red. Blood red. Fear came crawling within me.


It was a loud noise I heard. After, I saw people running from any direction. All of them are in fear and were trying to escape from someone or something. I cannot really see their faces (though there is someone that really looks familiar) but I knew for sure that there was this feeling that somehow I know a few of them – church mates, schoolmates, friends, etc.

As I looked towards the sky, there is something that was falling. To my surprise, it was a large rock of sulphur that was burning! It was raining with fire!

In such fear, I ran to get rid by that debris.

I decided to look for our youth pastor but I just can’t find him. Then I stop for a while and I tried to analyze the situation.

“Is this the Tribulation?”, I cried. There was something within me that was telling me that the rapture has already happened. (That was the reason perhaps why I just couldn’t find our youth pastor.)

I was not included! I just couldn’t believe it. I cried – with all my heart, I cried!

“Why? Why am I here? I am so sorry Lord”, those were the words that came out from my mouth.

The rain did not stop. I ran all over again, trying to avoid the fire. I saw a lot of people being hit with it, and they were burning! But to my surprise, all of them were not dying! They were just shouting out of pain, asking for help yet no one can help them. They were in great agony!

Suddenly, I saw some unusual creatures that came out from nowhere. I thought they can help us but I was wrong. They have long tails like scorpion. Their faces looked like of a human but I know for sure they were not. With those tails, they stung up people! Their tails has poison but then again, it just made every people suffer from it. They want to die but it is as if death was running away from them.

It was a terrible scene but I have nothing else that was on my mind, I was just asking for forgiveness for all the sins that I have done. I did not stop from running. I did not stop asking for forgiveness.

After a moment, I can now see a lot of people (still, I cannot determine their faces). As I was focusing my eyes on them, I noticed a light that was shining from their body. Some of it came from their foreheads, necks, shoulders and hands.

I stopped!

The light was a 3-digit number! The numbers where being marked to them!

I know for sure that it was a 3-digit number but I really cannot distinguish what number are those. The only number I was certain with was the number 6 (it was the first digit of all those marks that those people has).

My left hand was shining too!

It made stood still. My sweat just came flowing.

“Do I have the mark1?”, I asked myself.

Slowly, I lifted up my left hand for me to check it. To my surprise (with such great fear), I have the mark – the 3-digit number did start with the number 6.

The next thing I know – I woke up.

Revelation 8-13