Do you want to have Change?

Committing mistakes do come – sometimes it’s inevitable. As we all knew of it, it does help us grow. However, doing the same mistake repeatedly, that’s a problem. There should be something wrong why, that out of the learning stage, the same mistakes do come.

Change is necessary…

“Change of what?” you might ask. Change of every factor that leads you to that certain dilemma.

Let’s go straight with this. Majority of those mistakes we commit are referred to as sins that bound us for a long time already: Sins that won’t go away with just a tearful prayer of self change in a moment.

Have you tried praying, asking God to change you for you to become a better person? Most of the time, the sin itself linger. You know why? The concept of change is not of “how we have to” but of “how we need to” do so.

See the difference?

A “have to” prayer implies something that God should change you because you do not want the current you. I mean, without even valuing what has been happening all along – for its entire purpose. There’s a lot of “you” in this matter.  In fact, it talks about you, the better you, the you who want to change, you, you and you. Where’s God now? Have you considered what He had planned for you?

The “need to” then is this, a plea for something that is in line to God’s will and purpose in our lives – a complete surrender. He knows what’s best for you(Jer.29:11). If God has great plans for us, then, why insist ours? His “great” is way beyond our “greatest”.

Do you want to change? Let it be that it would give God the glory.


When the Journey starts…

Let me go straight with this, it was indeed an unexpected event.

It was one great day when I was too busy finishing up my requirements in school(its a one long long story that made me graduate a year later though), I was in 5th year college back then. However, despite of being busy in school, I really took time to send some application letters to the “well-known” companies that would somehow befits on my course. Submit here and there etc.

Then my mum called me…

“Be their NOW because someone needs personnel in his company… wear somewhat like formal, its for the interview”, mum’s words to me through phone.

Without any thought, I went home, change clothes and immediately went to the place as to where she told me. (alongside with my sister as well).

As to my surprise, it was the company of our church-mate. Really do not know if I will be happy with it ’cause I’m sure I’ll be having some favors or be nervous ’cause I know he will be expecting much out of me.

The interview was great, it really triggered up my curiosity in this by business – I know for myself that I am called to be in this niche. With God’s approval, I accepted the job offer…

As to make the long story short…

Here I am now, one of the Product Manager1 of EAGLE Equipment Company, Inc.. It’s been a year now since that day and though admittedly, there were times I have questioned my decision – as to the job offers I have refused to as well but, the zeal within me never decreased. In fact, it has been increasing since the day One.

I am expecting much with my job – I know that God will use this to bring me to greater heights… I know that this will be an amazing Journey for me.