Contend – What does it mean?

Cagayan de Oro:
The prophetic anointing will come upon the City.
The Lord’s rains will come upon this City continually not only in the churches but even upon the people walking in the streets.
The Lord will rise up youths. They will be like fire people who will receive words from the Lord. They will be prophets that will receive from the lord.
Scrolls of the Lord:
It will be the City where angels are known to ascend and descend
Angels will come and meet the people
Angels will Meet the youths specifically the young girls
Angels will Meet the small children
Even when the children are sleeping they will wake them up like Samuel
Angels will surround the city
The anointing that the Lord will pour out on the City will be different
Eyes will open, ears will open
Taken to spiritual realm
As John heard the voice of the Lord say “come up!”
As john went to heaven youth will hear the voice often
Like Ezekiel the lord stretched the hand of Ezekiel and took him to different place and the same experiences will be experienced by the youth of the city
they will walk in secret places in heaven.
They will hear the chariots in their ears
Cagayan de Oro City will be known as the City where angels ascend and descend
God has promised a special blessing for this City…”

Words as the Lord spoke through His servant the prophet Vincent Selvakumar in the 24th National Prayer Gathering. I believe this is not just the prophecy being given to this City – there’s a lot more.

Prophecy can be disqualified in some reasons. Of course, on top of those is that our enemy (Satan himself) does not like the idea that all of us would grasp what God has stored for us. He will do his (the enemy) best to snatch it away.

What should we do then?


As I have searched on the dictionary, Contend means to strive in opposition or against difficulties, to struggle for.

Observe this illustration: you have a property – a great property that has been given to you by your father. He gave it you since he knew that you need it and he only think of what’s best for you. Then one day, a stranger would just drop by and would snatch it all away – the property, the blessings that your father has given you. What would you do?

Of course you would react and fight for your right! It’s yours – you would not let anyone to just snatch it away, right?


God has been revealing to his servants’ (the prophets) great things that He will do for the Philippines. It’s our nation! It’s my nation! For us Christians and for us Filipinos, we should fight for our right – contend so that those prophecies would come to pass! Let us not give the enemy a chance to snatch it away! Let us strive in opposition to his (the enemy) agenda! Let us struggle for our inheritance!

“I will contend for this nation’s prophecy. I want to stand in God’s will and promises for the Philippines.”

God bless Israel! God bless the Philippines!

God bless the Philippines!

God bless the Philippines!